Monday, November 10, 2008

Leaf Pile 2008

So the boys decided it was finally time to jump in a pile of leaves. WE had a good time raking then playing in them. Nathan got to take pictures with the camera so he was excited too!

I am sure there will be more leaves to rake yet since we have a huge tree with tons of leaves still on it.

Joe Dirt boys

The boys decided to play with Jeff's wig from Halloween. It was really funny.....

Haloween 2008

Ok so I finally remembered to put our Halloween pics on here......

Jeff is Joe Dirt, I am a masquerade queen, nathan is Darth Maul and joey and daniel are clone trooper leaders.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ok so call me crazy again!

I am now watching three extra kids again from 8-5 on tu/w/thur every week . So yes I think I am crazy. I am working on a schedule to make my life easier when they are here. So now I just have to perfect it and see how it goes. I even get to take them with me to tumbling for joey and daniel on wendnesdays. Hopefully I can stay san through it all. never a dull moment in my house is there????