Thursday, March 26, 2009

St Patricks Day 2009

So for St patricks Day every year we have green food. i know, how unusual! but the boys really look forward to it.
I was tired of lucky charms and green milk so this year we had green pasta, green bread, green pork, green juice, broccoli, and what I thought was a honeydew (it was actually a cantaloupe) oh well! Dessert was mint and chocolate creamies. Simple but the boys loved it so that is what counts right!!So fun memories....

Spring Art Contest 2009

The boys got to enter an Art Contest at Jeffs office with the topic of "what I like about Spring.."
I got out all of the art supplies I could find around the house and let them go to it. I was not going to coach them at all. they were so excited to find out that Nathan won first prize for his age group and got a certificate to Fat Cats and Joey and Daniel won second prize for their age groups and got a certificate to the Tree House museum. Dad was rather proud as well. Way to go boys!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Denver Trip 2009

We decided to go to Denver Colorado for Aaron and Amy's new baby; Jefrie Lynn to be blessed on March 1st. it was a long drive but well worth it. Jeff and I and the boys drove over accompanied by auntie lynn. i think she is still sane from the trip. Over all the boys did ok in the car for so long.
First we stopped in Timnath, CO on the way to visit Jeff's nieces katie and Taylor. The boys were shy at first but then loved playing with Brayden. It was a good visit and it was nice to see them again.
We stayed at my Uncle glenn and Aunt Shelleys house for the weekend. The boys loved it since they got to play with Casey, Jessie and Jake too. They were even spoiled and got pancakes for breakfast courtesy of Glenn and Jessie. My parents and Tawnia and Emy flew over to join in the fun as well. It was great getting to see Jefrie Lynn finally and also seeing Aaron being a new dad was fun too! Who would have ever thought!! Amy looks great for just having a baby, so way to go Amy!! Sunday morning was the blessing and Aaron did a great job blessing her. Amy bore her testimony that was very heart felt as well. Over all I think everyone had a great time. So thank you Aaron and Amy for letting us share that day with you. :)