Friday, January 30, 2009

Home Depot Boys 2008

The boys have been going to Home Depot with Jeff on teh 1st Saturday of every month. All 3 of them are getting to go now. It is a nice break for mom! They wanted to show off their aprons so here they are. I love that my boys are getting taught how to be a handy man early! Thanks sweetie!

New Outfits 2008

The boys got new outfits for xmas compliments of Auntie Tawnia and Uncle kory. They love them. They were so excited to have running outfits that make them strong!!

Monday, January 12, 2009


okay so I really need to figure out the slideshow thing so my posts arent so long! thats my goal for the next post! we will see how well i do?

Sledding New Years Day!

Our sledding trip on new years day! we ended up at the point of the mtn on the south side. It was a fun hill but man the wind was cold. The hill was awesome going down since it was so long but it was a bugger walking back up. the boys and I and grandma and grandpa got there first to sled and Kemps were supposed to join us. eventually they did make it after we were there an hour already. Emersyn went down once and was done Marti did not want to go at all. i think they liked our mini hill sledding out by Auntie Lynns house better. We stayed sledding for about two hours and by then my boys had gone up and down that hill so many times they were done. Daniel had also met the ice with the side of his face so we thought he was done till he snuck off on the sled to go down again. :) not to be out done by his brothers you know! after that we finally talked them into leaving .....So we went to JCW's for a late lunch and back to grandpas for chocolate shakes. all 3 boys needless to say fell asleep before the freeway on the way home. what a fun day it was!!!!!

New years Eve 2008

So new years was spent at my moms house this year! We had some awesome Fondue going on! we had chicken , pork, and steak to eat plus breads and veggies with the cheese fondue. I think we were all at the table for 2 hours at least. then we set up the fruit and chocolate fondue. oh it was good! hence the reason tawnia has chocolate on her head compliments of me...but mom she started it! Grandpa went and picked up fireworks to set off so that was kind of fun. But man was it cold outside! they are slowly becoming the noisy neighbors again with all their holiday ruckus! :) Joey and Marti stayed inside to hide from the fireworks we found them both in the recliner with their ears plugged. Daniel did not like the poppers we did when we came back inside. After the kemps left Jeff and I and grandma took a little dip in the hot tub it was loverly! Jeff headed back home that night(early morning) since he had to work. the boys and I stayed over so we could go sledding the next day down their with grandma and grandpa! the boys love having sleep overs at grandmas house! that is tawnias butt by the way!!!Tawnia with a camera right in grandmas face so of course she is giggling!

ok so someone finally got my pic too!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Christmas morning fun!

The boys on christmas morning was fun. How nice it is to be a kid. and how spoiled they are now days! Grandma Cindy gave them all flash lights to use to come down stairs with and to play flashlight tag. They had a blast with them!!

Of course Joey got TMNT from santa!!!!!
Daniel was helping Duke with his stocking! what a helper!!!

Christmas eve

The boys decided to put on the nativity for grandma cindy and grandpa gary on christmas eve. They practiced all afternoon in the toy room. as my mom added they did this to the primary song 'Picture a Stable" i dont know the real title. They were so fun to watch. All of their animals had a part as well. they got to be both shephards and wise men. of course mom had to be mary since they realized I was the only girl in the house. and dad automatically had to be joseph. it turned out cute and I think grandma loved it.