Saturday, December 20, 2008

Boys Tumbling xmas demos 2008

Joey and Daniel are having a lot of fun in their tumbling class this year! They are learning to be little dare devils as well. much to moms dismay! they love learning new skills and can never wait to get home to show their dad their new tumbling routines.

Nathan is in the older boys class and is improving greatly. He struggled at first being coordinated---jeff is his dad you know. But he really likes going to class to learn flips and to go on the trampoline. He is convinced that this is helping him get better at baseball so what ever works I guess!!

Lights at Thanksgiving Point 2008

So Tawnia and I and the kids decided to go down to go with mom last weekend to go through the Thanksgiving Point lights and to go see the reindeer. Jeff, Kory and Lynn decided to come along as well. The kids were so fun practically hanging out the car windows to see all the lights. And of course Marti had to come in Auntie Trystals car since it is "so much funner" than hers!!!! (just laugh tawnia its ok!) Then we walked over to see the reindeer after. it was way too cold but they had fun anyway!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

2008 christmas tree

So I gave in this year and let the boys pick the tree we would do. I am sure it is no surprise to some of you but yes is a STAR WARS tree this year. the boys are thrilled mom actually said yes this time. they had a great time finding things to put on it. but now that it is all decorated they are mad since mom wont let thel take their toys back off to play with during the day. :( they were told they would have to wait till January!! he he he he

first real snow since OCT!!

The boys were thrilled when is snowed on Monday. You would never had guessed that since they were out in the snow before Nathan was even off to school for the day. It was only a little bit but they enjoyed every second out playing in it and then had to come in for hot chocolate as usual.