Friday, February 20, 2009

Tribute to my first born!

Nathan is now "7". I cant believe how time flies. Nathan has been a wonderful child to raise. He is such a fun loving, helping, smiley kid. When it comes to pictures he is a true ham. I have really enjoyed watching him grow up and see his personality become his own. Even if I think he is his fathers child most days! What a blessing he has been in my life. I thank the lord everyday for sending him to our family when he did. He is my emotional strength in life. Thank you Nathan for that. WE love you very much!!

Nathans 7th Birthday

Nathan had a friends pirate party on Saturday the 14th. It was a lot of fun. We had cannonball wars, alligator attacks, and a pirate jumping contest. The kids also got to decorate their own treasure box cakes. I think there was mostly eating going on though. Nathan had a good time and my house is still standing after all those boys. So it was successful.

we did his family party on Sunday the 15th. It was fun the boys and uncle Andy had a cannonball war also. Staci joined in the fun as much as she could too. even austin tried to play with the big boys! I made a big treasure chest cake for this party and Nathan loved it. He is such a spoiled kid! But I guess if it is only once a year I am ok with that. So Happy Birthday Nate the great!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Gramma Cindy's 50th bday

So for moms 50th bday we surprised her with a night of bowling and pizza at FatCats in Salt Lake. We managed to get all of us there. It was a really fun night. The kids loved bowling. We made shirts for all to wear as well that had our initials on the front and our nicknames on the back. They turned out cute! It has been a long time since we have done something fun with all of us there. We missed Aaron and Amy and Brett though. We do have shirts for them though. so we can go again sometime. Grandpa gary had fun showing the kids how fast he could bowl. I think he got up to 22.1 miles an hour. Pretty impressive. Just for the record Jeff actually won both games of bowling which does not happen that often. so way to go Jeff! Emy had fun playing in the blowing air up by the ball return She would just giggle. The boys were even getting brave enough to just bowl without the ramp. Now Joey wants to bowl everyday. Thanks everybody for such a fun event! Happy 50th Birthday Gramma Cindy!!! We love you!

Playing in the snow!

This is Joey Daniel and I enjoying the frist snow storm we have had in awhile. We got about a foot of snow. Our yard went from no snow to this in 24 hours. It was a lot of fun to be able to go out and enjoy it with the kids. Nathan unfortunetly had to go to school but we played when he got home too. Then just two days later we got another 2 feet of snow. So now we ahve over 2 feet of snow in our yard and the boys have made sled hills everywhere. We always have a big snow storm on nathans bday it has happened every time. It must be one of his birthday wishes!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Grandmas Tub

The boys and I spent the night at grandpa gary and grandma cindy's house a few weeks ago. The boys needed to have baths so grandma came up with a great idea for them. They took a bubble bath in a jetted tub. The boys were thrilled. The jets on the tub made the bubbles huge! They were giggling so hard about the amount of bubbles they were getting to play in it was very funny. i just had to get pictures. Baths will never be the same after this. Grandma Cindy definetly spoils them at her house. what cool memories for them to have!!

Nathans new fighter pilot room

So Auntie Lynn wanted to paint Nathans room for his Bday this year. So here we go!!! Nathan wanted us to paint a flag on the ceiling so we came up with a compromise! He loved helping paint HIS room. He was so excited! Lynn came and slept over for the weekend to get it all done. The boys just loved having her over for that long they thought it was so fun. The textured to non textured walls were a beast to paint but i think it turned out really good in the end. Thanks Lynn for doing that for him. He loves his new room and shows it to every one that comes over.

My Hero

I had to pick a Hero for our Young Womens Hero night last month. So I decided to do it on my Dad. I love my dad. He has always been there for me. Growing up i remember him taking me to girl scouts on his motorcycle and either coaching or assisting on my baseball teams! I never doubted that my dad loved me, even if he never said " I love you" I knew by his actions that he did. I always loved the fact that he showed us kids that he loved my mom first and foremost above anyone else. What an example that was for me to use when I got married. My dad may look gruff on the outside but he is the kindest most tenderhearted man I know. He would do anything for anyone that needed his help. From him jumping over fences to save a daughter to helping a scared child at the hospital to just being in the room for a new grandbaby. He may not admit it but he is always watching out for ways to help out his children.
My dad is a wondeful grandpa to my kids. He gets involved in their lives and really truly cares about them individually. My kids just love him.
Thanks Dad for everything you have done for me and giving me a great example to live up to! I love you!!!