Sunday, December 6, 2009

This is the place heritage park

The family went to heritage park together and we had fun with all the cousins.

Cobbley family photos

Cobbley Family photos 2009
Gary and Cindy Cobbley
Patrick Jamie and Rachael Gunerud
Jeff trystal Nathan Joey Daniel and Hannah Peay
Aaron Amy and Jefrie Cobbley
Kory Tawnia Marti and emersyn Kemp
Lynn Cobbley
Brett Cobbley

She is here!!!

Hannah Ann Peay
November 20th 2009 8:06am
7 lbs 5 oz. 19.5 inches

Friday, December 4, 2009

Thursday, October 8, 2009

our 11th anniversary

Jeff and I just celebrated our 11th anniversary on Wednesday. It does not seem like that long. We have 3.8 great kids. We have had a lot of fun along the way. Many memories have been made. I am so glad that I married such a great person. Thanks Jeff for all the good times and bad along the way. I would not trade it for anything. You are such a wonderful husband and father. I love you very much and look forward to many more years together.

joeys 1st day of kindergarten

Joey started kindergarten this year. He was so excited! I cant believe i have two in school already. He has Mrs Waite for a teacher which is who Nathan had as well so that made the transition easier for him with his stranger anxiety. He is loving homework and usually finishes the whole week packet in one sitting. too bad as they get older that does not last. but he is doing wonderfully in school. I am so proud of him.

Daniels 4th bday

So Daniel did actually make it to his 4th bday even though he is a pill most of the time. I do love him dearly and he still likes to hug me when he is not being a pill. I am glad that he goes to preschool two days a week. it gives him time away from mom so the transition when sister gets here wont be so hard on him. Jeff also took him to the trout farm here in Ogden and he had a blast. this is Daniels kind of fishing since sitting still is not his finer point. the other two boys got to join them to catch one fish. so all in all they really liked the trout farm. Nathan reminded us that it was just practice fishing though. :)

24th of July weekend

So we spent a fun filled 24th of july weekend this year. it started at 700am at Jeffs 10k race in salt lake then onto the parade then a funfilled day of painting and more painting. Thanks to Lynn Tawnia and Mom for all of their hard work on the project. thanks to Jeff for pitching in where he could also. It turned out really nice. The kids were entertained outside playing in the water on the slip and slide so that kept them out of our hair for awhile. so it was a busy and tiring weekend but we got a lot done.

Tball 2009

i am fianlly get caught up on posting on my blog. so this is Nathan and Joeys tball from June. they had a great time playing and cant wait to start again.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Finally....A Girl!!

W got great news today from our OB ultrasound. We are finally adding a little girl to the mix of three boys. I am so excited. I am not sure that it has fully sunk in yet, but i am thrilled. Joey seems to be ok with the thought of having a sister, nathan is still pretty neutral and daniel does not really care. So it was good to take them with us to see the pics of the baby. So thanks for all the pink vibes that you all sent our way.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Flaming Gorge 2009

We spent a fun 4th of July weekend with my family at Flaming Gorge. It was fun having everyone there. For the most part the weather cooperated. We got clouds and rain in teh afternoons but it mostly cleared up after that. My dad brought up the waverunners and their dirtbikes. Brett and my Uncle Glenn brought up their dirt bikes as well. So there was plenty of things to do. The boys were thrilled that Casey Jessie and Jake my cousins came up as well. All of my siblings were there so we actually took a family picture. It was fun having all of the Cobbley cousins together for the first time. They sure had fun playing together. Other than having a freak hail storm Sunday afternoon with dime to quarter size hail and all of us huddling under pop up canopies at the beach(what fun!) and Joey standing in fire ants and getting bite 5 times( he has not had much luck this summer with insects). It was a pretty successful and fun weekend. Thanks everybody for coming! :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ogden half marathon and kids K

Jeff ran in his first half marathon on saturday!(13.2 miles) He did so good. He started at Eden Park and came down Ogden canyon down the parkway to finish at Grant Ave. and 25th street. He made it in 2 hrs and 39 min. For his first half that is an awesome time. I am so proud of him and all of his hard work training for it. Way to go! Keep it up for the next races!!!! Nathan and joey got to do a kids K(.6 miles) with their cousin Marti as well. I was going to run with them but am not feeling so good still. So my dad offered to run in my place. Nathan and my dad finished in 5 min 40 secs. awesome time!!!! Joey started with Marti and Auntie Tawnia but wanted to go faster so he ran it alone, which is why I have no pic of him running. We did not see him until he passed us. He did so good. He finished between 11 and 12 min. Tawnia and Marti were just behind that. Marti ran the entire time. so for her first race she did great. I did not get very good pics since my camera died. so i will have to go onto Tawnias blog to get some other pics. Way to go all of you runners!

Butlers house 2009

more pics of our trip to Cali. We got a chance to stay with Eliisa and Jer and the girls. The boys really enjoyed seeing them. It was nice to have some time to relax and just hang out with them. Thanks for letting us crash at your place!!!

Disneyland 2009

The best family trip we have had in a long time. The boys had been saving their pennies for 2 years. Jeff and I finally decided to take them for a week to Disneyland. WE stayed at the Castle Inn across the street from the parks. The boys absolutely loved every minute of it. the weather was perfect and it was not too crowded. We discovered which of our boys were adrenaline junkies and which ones werent so much. Joey went on every ride that he was tall enough for and probably went two and three times. He loved the matterhorn and space mountain. Nathan on the other hand was not so adventureous. He loved Toy story mania and buzz lightyear. Daniel just loved everything that his big brothers did. he did have a little adventure in him but was still scared a little. Moms favorite ride was soarin over california. Dad just loved all the big fast ones. Of course star wars was cool too, even though they were too chicken to go up on stage. They loved it when Uncle Brett and bri came with us. they kept fighting over who got to ride with him. It was really good to see him. We had a great time and it was well worth it. Great memories!!

Easter Time pics 2009

Pics from easter at our house and our silly string fight outside. We had a fun easter egg hunt at grandma peays house where nathan found the golden egg with ten dollars in it. We went to the childrens gardens at thanksgiving point with peays and butlers. that was fun and we got some fun pics of the kids.

Baby Animal Festival 2009

We took the boys again this year to the baby animal festival up in Logan at the American Heritage Center. It turned out to be nice weather. Nathan decided to do the mutton busting again. He did better this time since he had on long pants and a long sleeve shirt so the wool would not scratch up his arms. He stayed on for about 3-4 secs. so way to go nathan. Joey wanted to do it but was too young. Looking forward to next year though.

Joey's 5th Bday

So I am finally getting all my pics put on here. So as you can see I am a little behind. SO here is Joeys bday pics.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tribute to Joey-Joey

So I have slacked a little bit lately and I am really behind on getting this up for joey's birthday back on April 16th but here it is. Better late than never.

Joey has been a such a great addition to our family. He is so includng of others and is very sensitive to moms feelings. He is always giving me hugs and making sure I am ok. He is such an organized little guy. even if sometimes it is to the extreme. He has such a big heart, always watching out for his brothers. Joey is always going going going. which motivates mom to get things done too. Joey loves to play board games with us all the time, he catches on so fast and is always beating mom and dad. I will miss him when he goes to kindergarten but not enough to not send him nonetheless. Thanks Joey for being my motivation and support. We love you!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

St Patricks Day 2009

So for St patricks Day every year we have green food. i know, how unusual! but the boys really look forward to it.
I was tired of lucky charms and green milk so this year we had green pasta, green bread, green pork, green juice, broccoli, and what I thought was a honeydew (it was actually a cantaloupe) oh well! Dessert was mint and chocolate creamies. Simple but the boys loved it so that is what counts right!!So fun memories....

Spring Art Contest 2009

The boys got to enter an Art Contest at Jeffs office with the topic of "what I like about Spring.."
I got out all of the art supplies I could find around the house and let them go to it. I was not going to coach them at all. they were so excited to find out that Nathan won first prize for his age group and got a certificate to Fat Cats and Joey and Daniel won second prize for their age groups and got a certificate to the Tree House museum. Dad was rather proud as well. Way to go boys!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Denver Trip 2009

We decided to go to Denver Colorado for Aaron and Amy's new baby; Jefrie Lynn to be blessed on March 1st. it was a long drive but well worth it. Jeff and I and the boys drove over accompanied by auntie lynn. i think she is still sane from the trip. Over all the boys did ok in the car for so long.
First we stopped in Timnath, CO on the way to visit Jeff's nieces katie and Taylor. The boys were shy at first but then loved playing with Brayden. It was a good visit and it was nice to see them again.
We stayed at my Uncle glenn and Aunt Shelleys house for the weekend. The boys loved it since they got to play with Casey, Jessie and Jake too. They were even spoiled and got pancakes for breakfast courtesy of Glenn and Jessie. My parents and Tawnia and Emy flew over to join in the fun as well. It was great getting to see Jefrie Lynn finally and also seeing Aaron being a new dad was fun too! Who would have ever thought!! Amy looks great for just having a baby, so way to go Amy!! Sunday morning was the blessing and Aaron did a great job blessing her. Amy bore her testimony that was very heart felt as well. Over all I think everyone had a great time. So thank you Aaron and Amy for letting us share that day with you. :)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Tribute to my first born!

Nathan is now "7". I cant believe how time flies. Nathan has been a wonderful child to raise. He is such a fun loving, helping, smiley kid. When it comes to pictures he is a true ham. I have really enjoyed watching him grow up and see his personality become his own. Even if I think he is his fathers child most days! What a blessing he has been in my life. I thank the lord everyday for sending him to our family when he did. He is my emotional strength in life. Thank you Nathan for that. WE love you very much!!

Nathans 7th Birthday

Nathan had a friends pirate party on Saturday the 14th. It was a lot of fun. We had cannonball wars, alligator attacks, and a pirate jumping contest. The kids also got to decorate their own treasure box cakes. I think there was mostly eating going on though. Nathan had a good time and my house is still standing after all those boys. So it was successful.

we did his family party on Sunday the 15th. It was fun the boys and uncle Andy had a cannonball war also. Staci joined in the fun as much as she could too. even austin tried to play with the big boys! I made a big treasure chest cake for this party and Nathan loved it. He is such a spoiled kid! But I guess if it is only once a year I am ok with that. So Happy Birthday Nate the great!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Gramma Cindy's 50th bday

So for moms 50th bday we surprised her with a night of bowling and pizza at FatCats in Salt Lake. We managed to get all of us there. It was a really fun night. The kids loved bowling. We made shirts for all to wear as well that had our initials on the front and our nicknames on the back. They turned out cute! It has been a long time since we have done something fun with all of us there. We missed Aaron and Amy and Brett though. We do have shirts for them though. so we can go again sometime. Grandpa gary had fun showing the kids how fast he could bowl. I think he got up to 22.1 miles an hour. Pretty impressive. Just for the record Jeff actually won both games of bowling which does not happen that often. so way to go Jeff! Emy had fun playing in the blowing air up by the ball return She would just giggle. The boys were even getting brave enough to just bowl without the ramp. Now Joey wants to bowl everyday. Thanks everybody for such a fun event! Happy 50th Birthday Gramma Cindy!!! We love you!

Playing in the snow!

This is Joey Daniel and I enjoying the frist snow storm we have had in awhile. We got about a foot of snow. Our yard went from no snow to this in 24 hours. It was a lot of fun to be able to go out and enjoy it with the kids. Nathan unfortunetly had to go to school but we played when he got home too. Then just two days later we got another 2 feet of snow. So now we ahve over 2 feet of snow in our yard and the boys have made sled hills everywhere. We always have a big snow storm on nathans bday it has happened every time. It must be one of his birthday wishes!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Grandmas Tub

The boys and I spent the night at grandpa gary and grandma cindy's house a few weeks ago. The boys needed to have baths so grandma came up with a great idea for them. They took a bubble bath in a jetted tub. The boys were thrilled. The jets on the tub made the bubbles huge! They were giggling so hard about the amount of bubbles they were getting to play in it was very funny. i just had to get pictures. Baths will never be the same after this. Grandma Cindy definetly spoils them at her house. what cool memories for them to have!!

Nathans new fighter pilot room

So Auntie Lynn wanted to paint Nathans room for his Bday this year. So here we go!!! Nathan wanted us to paint a flag on the ceiling so we came up with a compromise! He loved helping paint HIS room. He was so excited! Lynn came and slept over for the weekend to get it all done. The boys just loved having her over for that long they thought it was so fun. The textured to non textured walls were a beast to paint but i think it turned out really good in the end. Thanks Lynn for doing that for him. He loves his new room and shows it to every one that comes over.

My Hero

I had to pick a Hero for our Young Womens Hero night last month. So I decided to do it on my Dad. I love my dad. He has always been there for me. Growing up i remember him taking me to girl scouts on his motorcycle and either coaching or assisting on my baseball teams! I never doubted that my dad loved me, even if he never said " I love you" I knew by his actions that he did. I always loved the fact that he showed us kids that he loved my mom first and foremost above anyone else. What an example that was for me to use when I got married. My dad may look gruff on the outside but he is the kindest most tenderhearted man I know. He would do anything for anyone that needed his help. From him jumping over fences to save a daughter to helping a scared child at the hospital to just being in the room for a new grandbaby. He may not admit it but he is always watching out for ways to help out his children.
My dad is a wondeful grandpa to my kids. He gets involved in their lives and really truly cares about them individually. My kids just love him.
Thanks Dad for everything you have done for me and giving me a great example to live up to! I love you!!!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Home Depot Boys 2008

The boys have been going to Home Depot with Jeff on teh 1st Saturday of every month. All 3 of them are getting to go now. It is a nice break for mom! They wanted to show off their aprons so here they are. I love that my boys are getting taught how to be a handy man early! Thanks sweetie!

New Outfits 2008

The boys got new outfits for xmas compliments of Auntie Tawnia and Uncle kory. They love them. They were so excited to have running outfits that make them strong!!

Monday, January 12, 2009


okay so I really need to figure out the slideshow thing so my posts arent so long! thats my goal for the next post! we will see how well i do?

Sledding New Years Day!

Our sledding trip on new years day! we ended up at the point of the mtn on the south side. It was a fun hill but man the wind was cold. The hill was awesome going down since it was so long but it was a bugger walking back up. the boys and I and grandma and grandpa got there first to sled and Kemps were supposed to join us. eventually they did make it after we were there an hour already. Emersyn went down once and was done Marti did not want to go at all. i think they liked our mini hill sledding out by Auntie Lynns house better. We stayed sledding for about two hours and by then my boys had gone up and down that hill so many times they were done. Daniel had also met the ice with the side of his face so we thought he was done till he snuck off on the sled to go down again. :) not to be out done by his brothers you know! after that we finally talked them into leaving .....So we went to JCW's for a late lunch and back to grandpas for chocolate shakes. all 3 boys needless to say fell asleep before the freeway on the way home. what a fun day it was!!!!!

New years Eve 2008

So new years was spent at my moms house this year! We had some awesome Fondue going on! we had chicken , pork, and steak to eat plus breads and veggies with the cheese fondue. I think we were all at the table for 2 hours at least. then we set up the fruit and chocolate fondue. oh it was good! hence the reason tawnia has chocolate on her head compliments of me...but mom she started it! Grandpa went and picked up fireworks to set off so that was kind of fun. But man was it cold outside! they are slowly becoming the noisy neighbors again with all their holiday ruckus! :) Joey and Marti stayed inside to hide from the fireworks we found them both in the recliner with their ears plugged. Daniel did not like the poppers we did when we came back inside. After the kemps left Jeff and I and grandma took a little dip in the hot tub it was loverly! Jeff headed back home that night(early morning) since he had to work. the boys and I stayed over so we could go sledding the next day down their with grandma and grandpa! the boys love having sleep overs at grandmas house! that is tawnias butt by the way!!!Tawnia with a camera right in grandmas face so of course she is giggling!

ok so someone finally got my pic too!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Christmas morning fun!

The boys on christmas morning was fun. How nice it is to be a kid. and how spoiled they are now days! Grandma Cindy gave them all flash lights to use to come down stairs with and to play flashlight tag. They had a blast with them!!

Of course Joey got TMNT from santa!!!!!
Daniel was helping Duke with his stocking! what a helper!!!

Christmas eve

The boys decided to put on the nativity for grandma cindy and grandpa gary on christmas eve. They practiced all afternoon in the toy room. as my mom added they did this to the primary song 'Picture a Stable" i dont know the real title. They were so fun to watch. All of their animals had a part as well. they got to be both shephards and wise men. of course mom had to be mary since they realized I was the only girl in the house. and dad automatically had to be joseph. it turned out cute and I think grandma loved it.