Thursday, April 1, 2010

hannahs blessing cont.

We blessed hannah in march along with nathans baptism it was fun having all the family together. even though it is thrilling trying to get all of them in a picture. heck it was worth the amusement of trying right? thanks all for coming!

hannahs blessing

My first ever 5k!

On st patricks day i ran a 5k with tawnia and some gals from my ward, peggy, heather and jessica. After not having run before and just having a baby and only training for about a month and a half i think it went ok. i will admit it kicked my butt as you can see from the pics that i look horrible however it was fun in the end. Way to go ladies for all finishing the race..... You're awesome! thanks for the memories!

baptism for nathan 2010

Nathan turned 8 on Fenruary 15th so he got to start cub scouts which he is thrilled about and also was baptized in March. Now he thinks that he is joining the ranks of the older folks. :) funny kid! we are so proud of him.