Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ogden half marathon and kids K

Jeff ran in his first half marathon on saturday!(13.2 miles) He did so good. He started at Eden Park and came down Ogden canyon down the parkway to finish at Grant Ave. and 25th street. He made it in 2 hrs and 39 min. For his first half that is an awesome time. I am so proud of him and all of his hard work training for it. Way to go! Keep it up for the next races!!!! Nathan and joey got to do a kids K(.6 miles) with their cousin Marti as well. I was going to run with them but am not feeling so good still. So my dad offered to run in my place. Nathan and my dad finished in 5 min 40 secs. awesome time!!!! Joey started with Marti and Auntie Tawnia but wanted to go faster so he ran it alone, which is why I have no pic of him running. We did not see him until he passed us. He did so good. He finished between 11 and 12 min. Tawnia and Marti were just behind that. Marti ran the entire time. so for her first race she did great. I did not get very good pics since my camera died. so i will have to go onto Tawnias blog to get some other pics. Way to go all of you runners!

Butlers house 2009

more pics of our trip to Cali. We got a chance to stay with Eliisa and Jer and the girls. The boys really enjoyed seeing them. It was nice to have some time to relax and just hang out with them. Thanks for letting us crash at your place!!!

Disneyland 2009

The best family trip we have had in a long time. The boys had been saving their pennies for 2 years. Jeff and I finally decided to take them for a week to Disneyland. WE stayed at the Castle Inn across the street from the parks. The boys absolutely loved every minute of it. the weather was perfect and it was not too crowded. We discovered which of our boys were adrenaline junkies and which ones werent so much. Joey went on every ride that he was tall enough for and probably went two and three times. He loved the matterhorn and space mountain. Nathan on the other hand was not so adventureous. He loved Toy story mania and buzz lightyear. Daniel just loved everything that his big brothers did. he did have a little adventure in him but was still scared a little. Moms favorite ride was soarin over california. Dad just loved all the big fast ones. Of course star wars was cool too, even though they were too chicken to go up on stage. They loved it when Uncle Brett and bri came with us. they kept fighting over who got to ride with him. It was really good to see him. We had a great time and it was well worth it. Great memories!!

Easter Time pics 2009

Pics from easter at our house and our silly string fight outside. We had a fun easter egg hunt at grandma peays house where nathan found the golden egg with ten dollars in it. We went to the childrens gardens at thanksgiving point with peays and butlers. that was fun and we got some fun pics of the kids.

Baby Animal Festival 2009

We took the boys again this year to the baby animal festival up in Logan at the American Heritage Center. It turned out to be nice weather. Nathan decided to do the mutton busting again. He did better this time since he had on long pants and a long sleeve shirt so the wool would not scratch up his arms. He stayed on for about 3-4 secs. so way to go nathan. Joey wanted to do it but was too young. Looking forward to next year though.

Joey's 5th Bday

So I am finally getting all my pics put on here. So as you can see I am a little behind. SO here is Joeys bday pics.